If you want to know me career-wise... 

  • Currently, I'm a Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Viromedia - a AR/VR startup designing and visualizing the best platform for creating mixed reality experiences. Viro Media has raised $2.5 million in seed funding from leading investors including Softbank/SBNY, Eniac Ventures, Lowercase Capital, and more.

  • I’m a Poster Artist for Bottleneck Gallery, one of the most premiere art printers in the world, painting officially licensed posters for the biggest entertainment studios such as Lucasfilm, Marvel, DC, WB, and HBO.

  • I was a Senior UX/UI Designer at Amazon working on the new Home experience for their most recent Kindle Fire line of tablets. I was also in charge of designing and shipping Amazon Maps for the Fire line of products and also art directed the Dynamic Lockscreen experience for the Fire Phone.

  • I was formerly a Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of UpNext. UpNext was an Angel funded mobile app company with the goal of creating delightful, next-generation 3D Maps. UpNext and my team had a successful exit after being acquired by Amazon to become the Amazon Mapping platform in 2012.

  • I worked as a Senior Environment and Concept Artist on over 10 shipped videogame titles under publishers such as Activision, EA, LucasArts, Disney Interactive, and THQ. The games include Tron, Medal of Honor, Star Wars Battlefront II, Transformers, etc.

My Grand Prize winning entry to the Art Awakens contest is JJ Abrams and ILM approved!

My Grand Prize winning entry to the Art Awakens contest is JJ Abrams and ILM approved!


There's more, but let's go into more personal stuff....

I have a passion for anything design or art related... latest tech devices, video games, collectible toys, and cars. I love to paint daily and spend time with my family. Originally from sunny Southern California, I am now in misty Seattle with my beautiful wife and 2 daughters.